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Urns That Complement The Uniqueness Of Each Person

Peaceful Pines has a large assortment of beautiful cremation urns made of wood, marble, brass and more. Our selection of wood photo urns include maple, oak, walnut and mahogany. Our figurine urns are especially detailed and precious. We are linked to one of our best suppliers, Forever Pets. Please call for more information about our facility, products and services we have to offer you in this time of need.


Available Urns

Brass Urns: For a unique memorial a brass urn offers many varieties of colors and styles to choose from. All brass urns come in small, medium and large size. Please specify size and style with style number when ordering your beautiful brass urn.

Size Capacity
Small ……………. Pets up to 35#
Medium …………… Pets up to 80#
Large ……………. Pets up to 275#

You can not engrave on a brass urn, but we offer a regular size brass plate with a gold chain to hang on your brass urn that is very complimentary to the urn. Please be specific on your information for your brass plate when ordering

A regular brass plate with a gold chain may also be purchased to drape over the top of the urn.