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Cremation Jewelry

Keep Your Loved One Close.

Peaceful Pines Pet Memorials has an assortment of cremation jewelry options. Necklace chains are included in price. Below is just a sample of the many styles available.

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These Jewelry Options Can Contain Your Pet’s Ashes

Our Economical Option That Can Contain Your Pet’s Ashes

Paw Print Pendant

Teddybear, Inc. Pet Jewelry
All options show can be personalized with an engraving. Click here to view Teddybear, Inc.’s Memory of a Lifetime Pet Jewelry catalog to see more information on each item.

J8010 Onyx Cylinder with Paws
J8003 Blue Cylinder
J8002 Onyx Cylinder
J8001 Pewter Cylinder
J8000 Bronze Cylinder
J8021 Pewter Cross with Paws
J8020 Bronze Cross with Paws
J8031 Pewter Round Plain
J8030 Bronze Round Plain
J8029 Pewter Round Pendant with Paws
J8028 Bronze Round Pendant with Paws
J8027 Pewter Round with Big Paw
J8026 Bronze Round with Large Paw
J8025 Pewter Round Cat with Yarn
J8024 Bronze Round with Cat and Yarn
J8023 Pewter Round with Cat Silhouette
J8022 Bronze Round with Cat Silhouette

Buddies Beloved Pet Keepsakes of Your Pet’s Nose or Paw Print
Click here to view Buddies full collection.

Heart Paw
Heart Nose
Bud Nose
Circle Paw
Buddies Gold Two Heart Paw Print
Buddies Gold Two Heart Nose Print
Buddies Gold Two Hearts Hoofprints
Buddies Gold Two Heart Talon Print
Oval Nose with Cord
Oval Paw with Cord
Double Rectangle Paw with Cord
Double Rectangle Nose with Cord
Double Rectangle Nose and Paw with Cord
Single Rectangle Engranved with Cord
Single Rectangle Paw with Cord
Single Rectangle Nose with Cord