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Many services to honor your beloved pet.

Flower Program

We offer a flower program at our facility for those interested. Spring and late Fall I will send a notice to inform you that I will be ordering seasonal silk bouquets. You are under no obligation. This is just an affordable service we offer our clients for your convenience.


Pre-Planning is a practical way and a wise way to protect your family. Funeral expenses almost double every ten years. That is why it is so important to protect them from this financial burden. Peaceful Pines Family Sanctuary provides a full array of services to make a very emotional time less painful. We offer a pre-planning guide to help- you and your funeral director plan for your personal request.

Memorial Markers

Peaceful Pines Family Sanctuary is a memorial park so with this in mind we would recommend mainly flush, beveled, and slant granite memorials. We are a family run business. There are no high pressure commission sales. All foundations, memorial markers and government markers will be emplaced by Peaceful Pines Family Sanctuary. In order to have an orderly and beautiful memorial park we have set requirements on memorial marker sizes. We also offer Expressions in Bronze and a granite memorial marker that incorporates the cremation canister and is topped with beautiful bronze covers.