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Family Sanctuary

What is Peaceful Pines Family Sanctuary?

Peaceful Pines Family Sanctuary is a beautiful countryside memorial park (cremation-only) that inspires calm and tranquility. Our clients always comment on this aspect when they come to visit their loved ones. We are a non – denominational memorial park. Everyone is welcome here. The grounds were blessed October 7, 2007 at our dedication. Special care was taken in the layout and landscaping of this quaint final resting place that is surrounded by towering pines.

At Peaceful Pines Family Sanctuary, we provide burial service for you and for your pet. Your pets are not just welcome to visit this location. They are welcome to join you in your final resting place. To remember and to be remembered is a natural human need. Having a permanent dignified resting place is an important emotional function for survivors by helping to bring closure and allowing the healing to begin.